Mature Riders on Mature Dual Sports Tackle Baja

Pete Springer on his recent Baja Adventure with his stable of aging-but-reliable (mostly) motos. Pete Springer in Baja 4-15

Most off-road racers add wheels as they add years, but noted Baja competitor Pete Springer, Oceanside, reversed that trend. Pete dropped two wheels as he moved from his Baja-winning four-wheelers to motorcycles after ending his official racing career. Pete has logged hundreds of thousands of miles on bikes, on and off-road, x-country and locally… on his adventure travels. While he’s not officially racing, I’ve had the honor of riding with Pete a few times and can bear testimony that he prefers to scoot along at what cannot be accurately described as a leisurely pace.

Most recently Pete, and his riding pals Don and Dan Goldston and Mike Daugherty, tackled Baja on dual sport bikes for 1800 of dirt, great scenery, a bit of history, and an abundance of camaraderie.

Story and great photos photos on Pete’s blog Read it here…

More interesting stories from Pete at “My Walks in the Past”

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