Do You Wave, Give Thumbs Up…or The Bird?

Do Choice of Mount and/or Clothing Determine Who’s Your Bro?

ou’re breezin’ along on your favorite moto route, riding your bike of choice, and you meet another rider coming toward you. As the two bikes close at warp speed you squint into the wind and the brilliant sun (we are in SoCal), and weigh your choices. Shall I wave? Salute? Left thumb UP? Flip him/her “The Bird”? Ignore the approaching moto? Wait for a sign? Personally, I’ve always been a counterpuncher. If the rider acknowledges me, I respond in kind. Problem solved. But the question remains, what dictates the salute, or the lack thereof. Does brotherhood have its limits?

More on the topic here… (an excellent satirical essay).

One More Category – One category the writer missed in the discussion of riding gear as a determining factor in recognizing a “brother”, is the opposite number of the ATGATT (AllTheGearAllTheTime) attired biker, The NOTGATT (NoneOfTheGearAllTheTime). Many of the people I have ridden with are “NOTs”, or at least semi NOTs. I do have a leather jacket, and an armored jacket, but given the usual weather I mostly get by with a full-face helmet, ankle protection, gloves, old jeans, a long sleeve shirt and a light jacket. And I ALWAYS wave at similarly attired folks when we meet in passing while I’m putting along at a safe and occasionally sub-limit speed. See you on the trail, Brothers! That’ll be my left thumb pointing toward the cloudless SoCal sky.

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