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17 Issues of San Diego’s First Bikes-Only Mag: March 1973 to January, 1975

Reasonably well preserved, these “barn find” copies of what we believe was San Diego’s first motorcycles-only publication have now been scanned and are digitally presented here for a ride down memory lane. If you were active in motorcycling in that day, you’re probably in these pages.Thumbnails of each issue’s cover allow a quick view of the main content. Click on the cover image to enlarge. Click on the issue identification below the cover to bring up the full publication. (ie. Vol 1-1 March 1973)

Complete Magazine is displayed in Flash Player. Search: The text files are fully searchable using the tool in the header. Results are displayed in the sidebar that opens. Pagination: Page being viewed is displayed in the header. Issues ran from 12 to 24 pages.Bottom Toolbar from left: Thumbnail icon brings up pages of that issue. Click to go directly to a page. Bookmark. Share. Select Text. Print Page. Sound (no sound). Full Screen (click again to exit). Zoom (note slider below page). Navigation Arrows.

Typos? Please forgive the typos. The entire staff of Bikesville also had “regular” jobs and production of the magazine was inevitably a last minute, late night endeavor. There was, unfortunately, no time for proofreading for typos, only for verifying content.–Chuck Surprise, Editor/Publisher (then and now)

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